Online Mapping - New and Hot

Richland County IT/GIS is excited to announce our newest application: an updated online map!    
Richland County's most popular and useful layers are now viewable in the Google Maps environment.  This is in addition to the ever growing number of layers that Google maintains and embeds within their maps.  For the viewer this will mean increased speed and viewing flexibility.
This new mapping application is also mobile-friendly, so in addition to your desktop you can view map layers on your tablet or phone.

Featured Resources

2010 Contour Lines

SCDNR has updated 2010 lines available for download provided that you have the appropriate software. 
There are many sources where you can obtain Free and Open Source (FOSS) desktop GIS packages. See this link to view a forum discussion that lists many options and provides some user feedback about their experiences using this software.

Enabling Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 10

Many websites now require a special compatibility setting be enabled when viewed in Internet Explorer 10.  The Richland County Internet Mapping 2.0 site is no exception.

Two tell-tale signs that you need compatibility view:

  • The base map is missing
  • The scale bar lists ‘infinity’ where there should be measurements

Luckily there is a quick and easy way to enable compatibility view in order to view this, and many other web-mapping applications, properly in ie 10.


New Guide Available: Add Locations From a Table To a Map Using Google

Geocoding is the process of translating written addresses to physical locations on a map. Geocode your tabular address records using resources available to you through your Google account. Click Here to view instructions for getting started with this free geocoding service.

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