Property Information Page

View Assessor's Office property information by entering a parcel number or street address.


Frequently Asked Questions Answers to our most frequently asked questions about the online map, where to find various property information, and general topics.


Data and Map Requests

Please contact IT/GIS to inquire about the availability and fees associated with licensing GIS data or commissioning custom maps.

Freely available map resources include the interactive online map, from which you can print maps up to 11x17 inches, and an extensive list of printable map PDFs.  These can be printed from your home or a commercial printer.

Please see the useful links section for some additional GIS resources.


Cartographic Web Map Services

Richland County IT/GIS has created a set of map services that can be added to ArcMap (or an alternate mapping application) as a cartographic basemap.  Visit the WMS information page to learn more about this new resource.


Useful Links Links to GIS related information and resources.